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RADIO 101 International, B-4851 Gemmenich - (that´s how our stikkers look like)

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Station equipment:

    Von hier aus wir gesendet: Kurzwellensender, CB- und Afu- Geräte - Click to enlarge, close with ALT+F4

    picture on th right: the transmitter site in Kerry (Ireland); an FM-Stereo-transmitter (grey, left), short wave transmitter & PA (right), 2 CB-rigs and 1 amateur-radio transceiver; the picture can be enlarged by a click) -

  • Short-wave frequencies: 7360 kHz AM (41m, not in use at the moment)
  • 27.035 MHz FM (11m, CB-Channel 7)
  • Modulation: 41m: AM 11m: narrow-band FM
  • Modulation by FTM-SIMREK- compressor-limiter dynamic-compression)
  • Power-Amp: enhanced tube amplifier YAESU FL 1000; plate voltage: 600 Volts, cooled by a fan.
  • Short-wave aerial: 3-element Yagi-beam mounted on a 54 ft. Westower, directed towards central Europe.
  • Effective radiation power (E.R.P.): ca. 1.5 kilowatts RADIO 101 FM-aerial on top of the Baudouin-tower at the Dutch-German-Belgian border
  • Transmission time schedule: None - switched on and off automatically just by measurement of DX-conditions.

Farest reception report on shortwave: Hungarian/Ukrainian border (59+).


the 10/11m band - aerial; Click to enlarge, close with ALT+F4

Picture on the left: the 10/11m- aerial in Kerry


Picture on the right: VHF-FM aerial at Gemmenich/Belgium facing towards Aachen, Germany (click here for FULL SIZE PICTURE: A VIEW FROM THE ANTENNA LOCATION)


100 W solid state FM power amp (PA)

Pictures left and bottom: solid state 100 W FM Power-Amp.

100 W solid state FM power amp (PA)  


a link to 
J.B., the famous free-radio jock  


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