Infra red picture viewer

The Infrared-camera manufacturer IMPAC (we are working with an IMPAC camera) has published a freeware to view thermographic pictures: (for download right mouseclick "save target as")

Deutsche Version (German version of this site) hier: www.Radio101.de/thermografie/Viewer

File 1: setup.exe (84k)
File 2: setup.ini (1k)
File 3: InstMsiA.exe (1,5 MB)
File 4: InstMsiW.exe (1,5 MB)
File 5: IVN 770-P Viewer.msi (10 MB)
  • download these 5 files (13 MB) in a directory on your fixed disk.
  • start setup.exe and follow the instructions
  • after installing the software you can view .SIT -files (infrared pictures) and control the colour imaging by pushing the slide bar changing the temperature range.
Here some original infrared pictures taken by an Impac IVN770P

infrared image 1 (160kB) | infrared image 2 (160kB) | infrared image 3 (160kB)
TH770004.SIT (power plant) | TH770205.SIT (horse) | TH770285.SIT (flats) | TH770304.SIT (lorry)





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